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    First Church of God

    Corner of Lakin and Baker, Great Bend, KS

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10:30 Sunday Morning

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6:00 Sunday Evening

6:00 Wednesday Evening

What I Believe

In a very simple form, without making you read a documentary, here is what I believe.

I believe that Jesus paid the substitionary death on the cross that pays the wages I earned with my sin.

I believe that there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood and Jesus shed the blood to atone for my sin at the cross.

I believe that Jesus, as my High Priest, went into the Most Holy Place in heaven and presented His blood on God's mercy seat once for all time on my behalf.

I now know my sins are forgiven because my High Priest came out from behind the death curtain and presented Himself ALIVE (resurrection) so I'd know His work was completed for the forgiveness of my sin, the salvation of my soul and my deliverance from eternal death.

I pray the teaching on this site, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will lead you to believe this for yourself also.